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Any problems with your child’s vision could have serious consequences for their everyday life

Your child’s vision is crucial for their development. It helps them make sense of the world around them and form new memories every day. But without proper care their vision and eye health is vulnerable, so you should make sure they are attending regular eye examinations even before they start school.

It’s a worrying statistic that one in four children suffers from an undiagnosed condition that affects their eyes or vision. In many cases, this could probably be easily identified and managed, or even corrected completely. But you can’t rely on your child to realise that they have a problem – they only know their own experience of the world and won’t be able to tell if their vision isn’t ‘normal’.

Regular eye examinations for your little one mean that we can keep an eye on their reading skills and how clearly they can see, and make sure that they aren’t experiencing any difficulties. We can even test the eyes of children who can’t yet read, using a combination of pictures and shapes to track their eye movements and focusing abilities.

At Malik & Collins Opticians, we are very experienced in dealing with children from preschool age right up to their teens. We’ve even made sure that we always have a great range of frames in stock for them to choose from if necessary, ranging from colourful & attractive designs for the younger ones, up to Ted Baker for a slightly more sophisticated young adult look.

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