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You’re almost certain to find contact lenses to suit you, no matter what your situation

It’s a common myth that contact lenses are difficult to use and painful to wear – largely down to the fact that they are worn directly on the eye and therefore have to be inserted and removed from the eye itself. The good news is that this simply isn’t true. Aside from some very mild discomfort – no more than you might experience the first time you try anything new – contact lenses are a pain-free, comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional specs.

What’s more, with the variety of lenses available on the market these days, there are likely to be options available to suit your preferences and prescription. Whether you would prefer to use disposable daily lenses, ones that can be stored and reused for up to one month, or even coloured ones to help your eyes match your outfit for a special occasion – we can help!

Contact lenses also make it much easier to participate in sports, thanks to their wider field of vision and reduced likelihood of falling off your nose! They can even be prescribed for children as young as eight years old, provided they are mature enough to look after them.

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